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Avengers Assemble Season 5 Black Panther’s Quest Hindi Episodes

Cartoon Series Info

Name: Avengers Assemble Black Panther’s Quest

Season No: 05

Episodes: 23

Release Year: 2018

TV Channel (India): Marvel HQ

Language: Hindi

Quality: (360p, 480p, 720p HD)

SynopsisFollowing the defeat of Loki and end of the Secret Wars, The Avengers invite Shuri to a party at their tower. However, after an attack by Atlanteans, Black Panther and Shuri find themselves on a secret quest to stop a new incarnation of the Shadow Council, including Black Panther’s teacher N’Jadaka, Attuma’s former general Tiger Shark, and shapeshifting Inhuman Princess Zanda.

Avengers Assemble Season 5 Episodes List!

Episode 1 – Shadow of Atlantis Part 1!

Episode 2 – Shadow of Atlantis Part 2!

Episode 3 – Into the Deep!

Episode 4 – The Panther and the Wolf!

Episode 5 – The Zemo Sanction!

Episode 6 – Mists of Attilan! 

Episode 7 – T’Challa Royale!

Episode 8 – The Night Has Wings!

Episode 9 – Mask of the Panther!

Episode 10 – The Good Son! 

Episode 11 – The Lost Temple!

Episode 12 – Descent of The Shadow! 

Episode 13 – The Last Avenger!

Episode 14 – The Vibranium Curtain Pt. 1! 

Episode 15 – The Vibranium Curtain Pt. 2! 

Episode 16 – T’Chanda!

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Episode 17 – Yemandi!

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Episode 18 – Bashenga!

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Episode 19 – King Breaker Part 1!

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Episode 20 – King Breaker Part 2! New

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