Beyblade Burst Sparking Season 05 Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download

Series Info:

Name: Beyblade Burst SparkingSeason

No : 05

Episodes: 24

Release Year : 2020

Language : HindiQuality:720p

Size: 230-280MB

Synopsis:After Hyuga and Hikaru witness Valt, Rantaro, and Silas’ Superking Beys, they decide to make their own Superking Beys: Super Hyperion and King Helios. Hyuga and Hikaru challenge Valt to a battle but both end up losing. Hikaru launches a Sparking Shoot for the first time.Hyuga and Hikaru, who have made Super Hyperion and King Helios by themselves, quickly choose to challenge Valt. In front of the legends Rantaro and Silas and with their friends in the Bombers Bey Club watching over them, the brothers get one battle each with the Blader they look up to, Valt . Will They become the new Beyblade Star’s.

Beyblade Burst Sparking Episodes List:

Episode 01:- Beyblade Revolution

Episode 02:- Beys of The Sun ! Hyperion and Helios !

Episode 03:- Aiming for the Sparking Shoot 

So support them for dubbing more episodes.

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