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Name : Perman

Release Year : 1983

Quality : 480p

Language : Hindi

Size : 35MB – 50MB

Synopsis : Mitsuo encountered Bird-man, an alien who is a part of a federation that tries to maintain peace in the galaxy.He then received a helmet (that also serves as a mask) that gives superhuman strength, a cape that enables the wearer to fly, and a badge that allows him to breathe underwater and communicate with his fellow comrades whom he met soon after he utilized these gifts.

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All Perman Hindi Episodes List

Episode 01- Perman To The Rescue

Episode 02- Perman Plays Baseball

Episode 03- Perman Misbehaves

Episode 04- Watch Out For Water

Episode 05- Here Comes The Teacher

Episode 06- Perman The Runaway

Episode 07- The Mystery Truck

Episode 08- A Bugle Boy

Episode 09- Perman The Ninja

Episode 10- Home Alone

Episode 11- Sabu Change Is Side

Episode 12- Perman The Phantom

Episode 13- Doctor Sleepo

Episode 14- Ganko’s Train Trip

Episode 15- Perman Iceman

Episode 16- A Sleepless Night

Episode 17- A Trip To The Mountains

Episode 18- The Homerun Ball

Episode 19- Pick Pocket

Episode 20- Perman Helps Rob A Bank

Episode 021

Episode 022

Episode 023

Episode 024

Episode 025

Episode 026

Episode 027

Episode 028

Episode 029

Episode 030

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