Slugterra Hindi Dubbed Episodes

Series Info

Name: Slugterra

Seasons : 03

Episodes: 39

Release Year: 2012-2015

TV Channel (India): Hungama TV

Language: Hindi

Quality: 720p HD

Size: 100MB-170MB

SynopsisEli Shane is determined to be the greatest slug-slinging hero of them all! Only by collecting, training and dueling with little critters called slugs can Eli and his team hope to defeat the forces of evil. But before that he needs to find friends, which he does in Trixie, Kord, and Pronto. The story follows Eli and his crew, known as “The Shane Gang” as they explore the caverns, challenge rivals and each other to friendly duels, upgrade their cool gear, and generally have a blast when not foiling another scheme of Doctor Blacks; in this never-before-imagined underground world! With the help of Eli’s unique friends, Eli begins earning his namesake and making a real difference in Slugterra.

Episode 1 – The World Beneath Our Feet Part I

Episode 2 – The World Beneath Our Feet Part II

Episode 3 – The Trade

Episode 4 – The Slugout

Episode 5 – Club Slug

Episode 6 – The Slug Run

Episode 7 – Mecha Mutiny

Episode 8 – Deadweed

Episode 9 – Shadows and Light

Episode 10 – Mario Bravado

Episode 11 – Endangered Species

Episode 12 – Undertow

Episode 13 – Dawn of the Slug (Season 01 Finale)

Episode 14 – The New Kid Part 1

Episode 15 – The New Kid Part 2

Episode 16 – Snowdance

Episode 17 – Inheritance

Episode 18 – A Distant Shore

Episode 19 – The Journey Home

Episode 20 – Roboslugs

Episode 21 – The Unbeatable Master

Episode 22 – Deep Water Dark Water

Episode 23 – The Gentleman and the Thief

Episode 24 – No Exit

Episode 25 – The Hard Part

Episode 26 – What Lies Beneath (Season 02 Finale)

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