Transformers Armada Hindi Episodes Download HD

Anime Series Info

Season No: 01

Episodes: 52

Release Year: 2002

TV Channel (India): Discovery Kids

Language: Hindi

Quality: 720p HD

Size: 160MB-220MB

Encoded by: Toon-Nation

SynopsisTransformers: Armada, known in Japan as Super Robot Life-Form Transformers: Legend of the Microns is a Transformers animated series, comic series, and toy line which ran from 2002–2004.As the first series co-produced between the American toy company, Hasbro, and their Japanese counterpart, Takara, Armada begins a new continuity/universe for Transformers, with no ties to any of the previous series, including the immediately prior Transformers: Robots in Disguise in 2001.[3] It inspired a sequel called Transformers: Energon. Hasbro handled the distribution of the English license, while Takara Tomy handled the distribution of the Japanese license. Transformers: Armada and both of its following series are all part of a saga known as the Unicron Trilogy.

Transformers Armada Episodes List!

Episode 4 – Comrade

More Episodes Will Added Soon!

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